Group Testimonies

  • "... the work of Community Servants is amazing and we are blessed to have been introduced to the Karen/Burmeses immigrant population through you and even more blessed to have served their children this week." Murfreesboro, 2011
  • "I believe in the ministry that you guys do at Wherry! I have seen and experienced how much you love and care for that community..." Smyrna, 2012
  • "Thanks for a life-changing week! We appreciate all your work and ministry to make our week successful.! Terry - worship pastor, Birmingham, 2010
  • "I only wish more people could see the Lord work in Smyrna. We are so excited about coming again this year." Dustin, youth pastor - Memphis, 2010
  • "Coming to this community - or family- has been such a blessing. I've struggled a lot with skepticism in my faith - whether God will actually do amazing things in my everyday life. You are a testimony that He does, and it is so encouraging." college student, 2010
  • One of the joys of this work has been the relationship that we have built with the people in the neighborhood, Bruce and his staff, and the housing cooperative. We have bonded and built close relationships as we have worked together. Tom, Waring, TN, 2001
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