What will my group do?

Community Servants, Inc. has several areas of ministry within the Wherry Housing Cooperative, Smyrna,TN.:


Wherry Ministries is the name of our program for assisting with low-to-moderate income housing. For 18 years we have been helping families by improving the opportunity for affordable housing. Volunteer mission groups of all ages participate in re-doing apartments, literally from the foundation to the roof in some cases.

Community Servants maintains a running list of projects and has work available for every skill level in your group. When you group arrives at their assigned work site the building materials, tools, and guidance will be awaiting them.

In order to enhance your ministry opportunity, Community Servants makes the effort for your group to meet and be involved with the people of Wherry Housing.

Family Services:

Community Kids is our program for the children who live in Wherry Housing Community. This ministry takes on many forms. Mission groups are encouraged to become involved with our children. Some groups will conduct a VBS, while others may do a sports clinic or hang-time. Groups who come during the school year have even helped Community Kids with their homework. A couple of the most popular ways to be involved are to a have a soccer game or have a cook-out or popsicle night.

Widow/Widower Ministry. As of December 2008, Community Servants has been providing affordable housing for 4 widows and 1 widower. We also have a fifth apartment for this ministry in the process of being remodeled. In addition to these, there are several other elderly people in the community who enjoy visits, food, or can use a little help cleaning up and fixing up their homes.

Fresh Start ministry is for families needing to start over whether from circumstances beyond their control or as a result of bad decisions. Community Servants offers a basic six month program with reduced rent to allow a family to 'get back on their feet'. Currently we  have one apartment set aside for this ministry.